The “Sfer Oil And Gas Ltd” has been founded by a group of people who have been worked for many years in leading positions and or as reference consultants into the Oil field business.

The Company founders have been in business since 2001 and have established a solid track record in trading of substantial quantities of refined oil products, such as Diesel Oil D2 and Jet Fuel aviation kerosene (different grades) and Crude Oil.

“Sfer Oil And Gas Ltd” is not a Broker or Agent Company either. We work exclusively under “Mandate agreements” representing our clients and throw our partnership with suppliers and well-known sellers we can supply our customers’ requirements directly from product’s Title Holder.

Part of “Sfer Oil And Gas Ltd” core strategy, is finance consultancies, and to advise – guide out through the entire process and let, our clients, be provided with – throw agreements with major banks’ providers/banks institutions /private issuer – Financial instruments Consultancy Services and lets them having access to line of credit , financial instruments issued from top world banks (Ranked AA or AAA) and investment platform class T1.

We help our clients in availing Financial Instrument so that their funds are safe and secured and only paid if the other party in the contract fulfills the designated commitments agreed upon.

Through careful trading and strict adherence to our Company policies, we have created a solid network of reliable partner around the globe who shares in our success.

It is a team effort.

With Headquarter in Sofia (Bulgaria) covering the need of our European end Eastern customer’s, Sfer’s management team understand how difficult is today market, to gain trust and how easy it is to lose that trusted.

That applies both to the reputations of individuals and of companies.

It is our common task, yours and ours, to maintain and strengthen the high level of trust and “Sfer Oil And Gas Ltd” has earned by understanding that each of us is responsible for our own actions and decisions.

Furthermore, any action or relationship in our network is governed both by law and moral values. Every decision we made reflects our own personal principles, even so, when we act on behalf of the Company.

Our nimble, adaptive approach to deal making, combined with strong customers’ relations and broad market knowledge, allows us to recognize and capitalize on trading opportunities that volatile market conditions often expose.

The “Sfer Oil And Gas Ltd” Code of Business Ethics describes expected standards of corporate conduct based on our values and principle. Adherence to the highest ethical standards helping us to maintain and strengthen mutual trust within the Company, and with our partners, financial institutions and governments.

We do not advertise, this is a very deliberate and conscious part of our business model, and confirms our commitment because we do not want simply transact but build long lasting relationships with our customers’, who we do not see as clients, but as our partners.

The entire statements above are truthful to the best of our knowledge.

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